Fried Soy Canadian Bacon with sautéed cabbage and sweet red peppers on dill rye with spicy mustard and Vegenaise. A perfect hot sandwich!

Makes 2 sandwiches

4 slices dill rye bread

Vegenaise (soy mayonnaise)

brown spicy mustard

transfat-free margarine or vegetable oil

1 sweet red roasted pepper, cut into strips 1/2 inch wide

green cabbage; slice thinly into strips, about 2 big handfuls


4 Soy Canadian Bacon slices by Yves

freshly ground black pepper

Toast bread as you like it.

Spread 2 slices with Vegenaise and 2 slices with mustard.

In small skillet, melt a little margarine or oil till hot. Add pepper strips and cabbage, and stir-fry till partially wilted. Salt and remove to plate.

Oil skillet a little more, then fry Soy Canadian Bacon slices very quickly on both sides, just enough to soften, not brown, slices.

Immediately lift slices from skillet and place 2 on the two pieces of toast spread with mustard.

Lift cabbage and mound on toast spread with Vegenaise. Top with freshly ground black pepper. Close, cut in half and serve.

Notes: This is a really quick sandwich to make–given that it’s hot, and hot sandwiches usually take longer. And it tastes oh so good!

Be careful to cook Soy Canadian Bacon quickly, flipping from side to side till heated through, and then remove from skillet immediately. Otherwise it will stiffen up and become too hard to enjoy–more like plastic than bacon. Hey, it’s like overcooking a steak; you don’t do it, because it tastes like shoe leather. Do the same with the cabbage; don’t overcook. In other words, stay at the stove, except to retrieve the toast from the toaster.

Use any type of bread you want, but we found the dill rye to compliment all the other flavors and textures.

This sandwich is like a ‘fresh’ Reuben.


Published by Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, artist, writer/author, animal-free chef, activist

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